Egyptian Society For Folk Traditions

Our Vision

ESFT aims to provide scientific and cultural consultation in intangible heritage field to helping all scholars and researchers.

ESFT goals can be summarized as following:

Collecting, Classifying and Studding intangible heritage in order to preserve and revitalize it.

Holding conferences and seminars related to intangible heritage field.

Exchanging of experience with the corresponding societies.

Publishing specialized journals, books, specialized studies and Artisties work.

Taking care of traditional crafts and folk industries, working on developing it.

Setting up festivals and artistic celebrations.

Implementing of national projects in co-operation with UNESCO and other international institutes/organizations.

Assisting ESFT members in their field studies under the board of directors supervision.

Our Mision

ESFT fulfils field studies for preparing cultural, educational and artistic programs in order to achieve cultural projects serving the Egyptian Community.



The national Council for Women(NCW) commissioned ESFT to investigate the status of the art of tally in upper Egypt, in order to train village women in the craft and develop it as an income generating activity. ESFT still in touch with tally carriers to ensure the quality of their products and maintain its authenticity.


Al-Sirah Al-Hilaliyya

ESFT collected documented and safeguarded the different versions of Al-Sirah which consists of four major sections, and each section contains a number of sub – stories.


The Museum of Egyptian Civilization

ESFT was commissioned by the supreme Scientific committee of the museum of the Egyptian Civilization to accomplish a comprehensive field survey of the elements of the Egyptian traditional culture which the committee decided to be displayed at the Museum.


Traditional Crafts

ESFT Collected and documented 366 traditional crafts, through 373 pilot surveys in Egypt. The result of these surveys were 588 hours of Videos 123 hours of Audios and 28262 Photos in 18 field studies were achieved this project.


Folklore Archives

The archives completed some planned tasks with co-operations of ESFT with a high rate of achievement, based on the priorities that the cooperation was helped for these priorities are; Collecting, documenting and Classifying the folk traditions, protecting it for the coming generations and setting up